2022/23 Season reaches the Halfway Mark

Here we are at the halfway mark of the 2022/23 Winter Season. It has been a great season so far.

Even after the attempt at the equalization draft to knock RBC down in talent, they are still the Odds-on favourite to win the Jim Pearson Cup. Are they the team to beat? Time will only tell. Lead by current leading scorer of the league, Doug Leach, RBC is balance of good scoring and good defence but the backbone of this team is its solid goaltending, lead by first-year goalie, Jim Szilvasi with a sparkling 2.13 GAA, 16 wins and 2 shutouts.

The race for second place to fourth place is between 6 teams, all within 6 points of each other. Whether it’s Team Cabinetsmith, lead by its potent offence trio of Brandon, Shayne and Ryan OR Team Dave’s Electric with the reigning MVP, Ryan Johnson OR Team Lockeroom, with it’s previous seasons’ scoring champion, Colin Underhill OR Team Cora’s, with the reigning  defenceman of the year, Terry Zywot OR Team B&I Truck with its ritual of having their POG awarded a brown trenchcoat after each game (not sure what that is about) OR Team Auto Ranch, who stiffle the opponent by using the trap and capitalizing on the opponents mistakes, it makes for close games and good hockey.

Last but definitely not least is Team Sybran. They have definitely suffered adversity for the first part of the year and has a tough go with key players missing. Hopefully they can turn it around and maybe a trade between RBC and Sybran will help. I am sure Doug will gladly trade an A player for and E player to help out Sam’s team. I think all captains can agree on that.

The season is progressing well with the march on to the playoffs, starting March 2023. In its 31-year history, the team that won the Regular Season title has rarely won the league championship, so the pressure is on RBC to break the streak. Can they do it? I am sure there are 7 other teams that will do their best to keep with tradition.

Best of luck to all teams and let’s have a great second-half to the season.