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2023_24 Regular Season Award Winners

Here are your 2023/24 Award Winners:

Jim Pearson Cup – Team Sybran

Sybran 2324


Team with Fewest PIMs – Team Cora

cora 2324


SCOREHL League MVP – Shayne Young of  Team Dave’s Electric

mvp shayne young scaled e1709368317776


Top Scorer – Jordan Ungerman of Team Lockeroom

top scorer jordan ungerman


Top Defenceman – Terry Zywot of Team Cora

top d terry zywot scaled e1709368409285


Top Goalie – Tandem of Brandon McCarthy and Chad Emery of Team B&I Truck

top goalie BI


Sandy Richardson Award – Ben Wells of Team Cora

sandy richardson ben wells scaled e1709368369682


Happy 1st Birthday Isabella Robinson

Happy 1st Birthday Isabella!
One year ago today, while vacationing in Switzerland, Isabella was born several weeks premature. Isabella spent her first 55 days in Nicu USZ hospital Zurich and then was transferred to Sick Kids Hospital where she was in hospital for 302 days. Being premature, Isabella has faced many obstacles. She has undergone a couple surgerys, had covid, rhinovirus a couple of times, as well as norovirus.
It has been a long journey for her and her parents. She finally came home on February 21st just in time for her birthday on March 1, 2024! David and his wife have been trained to administer her IV and medications so that she could come home. The doctors felt she was ready to come home but still requires TPN and oxygen but hopefully only for a few more months.
David and his wife would like to thank everyone again for the support they received last year for their trying times in Switzerland and back home.
isabella robinson 030124 with dad scaled e1709364327111
isabella robinson 030124 scaled e1709364284656

Injury update – Mark Olynyk of B&I Truck

On February 23, 2024 during the 10:00pm game, Mark Olynyk fell and injured himself during a play on the ice. He was helped off the ice to the players bench where he sat until the game ended, where at that point he was helped off the ice to the dressing room. After the game, Mark was experiencing pain in his lower leg and he felt that his leg was broken. The ambulance was called and Mark was transported to RVH for further evaluation. At RVH, It was determined that Mark broke his leg when he fell on the ice.

Rob Elrick followed up with Mark, today, February 26, 2024, to check on him. Mark and he had a very good talk and Rob indicated that Mark was in good spirits despite the unfortunate accident he suffered.

We would like to wish Mark a speedy recovery and let him know we are there for him should he need anything while he recovers from his injury. Get well Mark, do your rehab and exercises and we hope to see you on the ice very soon. Best wishes Mark!mark o

Injury update – Commish

After tearing his rotator cuff and bicep tendon, we are pleased to announce that our Commish has undergone successful surgery to repair his rotator cuff. Mark is resting at home ready to begin the long rehab process. Get well soon, do your exercises and looking forward to seeing you back on the ice soon.commish scaled e1708808062131

Donation to Barrie Women’s and Children Center

On February 14, 2024, the SCOREHL donated the proceeds of the ticket raffle to Deb at the Barrie Women’s and Children Shelter. In attendance were League Convenor Rob Elrick and Cora’s Captain Dan Raposo. For all those players that contributed, a big thank-you from Deb and her staff.Shelter pic 21424 scaled e1708151087597

Leafs Ticket Raffle – February 13, 2024 Toronto vs. St. Louis. – UPDATE

UPDATE: February 9, 2024

Congratsulations to Jerry McCarthy of Team Georgian Hot Tubs on having the winning ticket for the Leafs Ticket Draw.

Thanks to all who participated. SCOREHL has proudly raised $1075 in support of the Barrie Women and Children Center.


Cabinetsmith has donated 2 Leafs Tickets – February 13, 2024.  Toronto Maple Leafs vs. St. Louis Blues. Section 104, Row 19, Seats 11 & 12.

We will be conducting a raffle on February 6, 2024. Tickets will go on sale between December 22, 2023 and February 5, 2024. Ticket costs will be 1 Ticket for $5, 3 Tickets for $10 and 8 tickets for $20. Payments can be in form of cash or etransfer to The draw is open to all players, spouses, friends and family. See either Mark or Rob for tickets.

All proceeds of the draw will be donated to the Barrie Women’s and Children Center.

Good Luck!

Early Bird Draw Winners

The Early Bird Draw winners are as follows:

$25 Cora Gift Card

  • Jeremy Rilett
  • Freeman Sweazey
  • Brad Reid
  • Mike McIntosh
  • Zack King
  • Randy Provencal
  • Jake Turner
  • Jory Spencer
  • Michael King
  • Bill Koniuch

$25 Gift Package from Howie’s Sporting Goods

  • Shayne Pierce
  • Mike Ciambella
  • Frank Kim
  • Morris Gervais
  • Ryan Bird
  • Daniel Spray
  • Bill Marzana
  • Mike Ryan
  • Robert Couture
  • Mike White

Congrats to all the winners!

U9 Oro Thunder Hockey Fundraiser

Jason Woods, Captain of B&I Truck is fundraising for his son’s local Oro Thunder U9 Rep Hockey Team. They have set up 2 exciting Hockey pools to help raise money.  Feel free to join one or both, it’s a great way to follow the hockey season and cheer on your favorite team.

Please click the link under the pool you would like to enter to register.

Funds can be paid in cash or e-transfer to

    1. There is a one-time entry fee of $20. It starts on Saturday December 2, 2023 with the cutoff to enter being Friday December 1 at 11:59pm. It runs until March 16, 2024.
    2. Everyone gets two “lives”. If you win, you automatically go onto the following Saturday. If you lose, you have one more chance to stay in. You get to stay as long as you continue winning each week. Once you lose twice, you’re out. You can’t pick the same team more than twice.
    3. 50% of the funds will go to the winner and 50% to the team.

    1. There is a one-time entry fee of $20. It starts on Saturday December 2, 2023 with the cutoff to enter being Friday December 1 at 11:59pm. It runs until March 16, 2024.
    3. 50% of the funds will go to the winner and 50% to the team.

He truly appreciates your support and please see him should you have any questions.

Go Thunder!!

2023-24 Team Rosters

Auto Ranch Jason Clark
Auto Ranch Randy Collett
Auto Ranch Craig Demaray
Auto Ranch Rob Elrick
Auto Ranch Shawn Gosse
Auto Ranch Bill Koniuch
Auto Ranch Rory MacTavish
Auto Ranch Paul Magee
Auto Ranch Kevin McArdle
Auto Ranch Steven Proceviat
Auto Ranch Randy Provencal
Auto Ranch Jim Szilvasi
Auto Ranch Nicholas Thwaites
Auto Ranch Richard Wand
Auto Ranch Robert Young
B&I Truck Dan Arki
B&I Truck Steven Cartwright
B&I Truck Chad Emery
B&I Truck Adam Klein
B&I Truck Matt Kuepfer
B&I Truck Bill Marzana
B&I Truck Brandon McCarthy
B&I Truck Brent Neufeld
B&I Truck Mark Olynyk
B&I Truck Drew Perry
B&I Truck Shayne Pierce
B&I Truck John Snider
B&I Truck Don Ullman
B&I Truck Rob Vanderveen
B&I Truck Shawn Wagler
B&I Truck Jason Woods
Cora Verne Hudson
Cora Zack King
Cora Barry Letman
Cora Mike McIntosh
Cora Jeff Mills
Cora Daren Mowry
Cora Jim O’Hara
Cora Dan Raposo
Cora Darren Robinson
Cora Anthony Soward
Cora Jake Turner
Cora Patrick Urquart
Cora Jason Walker
Cora Ben Wells
Cora Terry Zywot
Dave’s Electric Dave Anderson
Dave’s Electric Jay Bishop
Dave’s Electric Allan Buck
Dave’s Electric Mike Ciambella
Dave’s Electric Robert Couture
Dave’s Electric John Daniels
Dave’s Electric Mike Holmes
Dave’s Electric John Hussey
Dave’s Electric Mike Jones
Dave’s Electric Allan Martin
Dave’s Electric Brendan Parsons
Dave’s Electric Murray Roach
Dave’s Electric David Robinson
Dave’s Electric Daniel Spray
Dave’s Electric Marc Villeneuve
Dave’s Electric Rob Waterman
Georgian Hot Tubs A.J. Brassard
Georgian Hot Tubs Paul Fujiwara
Georgian Hot Tubs Morris Gervais
Georgian Hot Tubs Brett Harrison
Georgian Hot Tubs Scott Hunter
Georgian Hot Tubs Frank Kim
Georgian Hot Tubs Luke McAuley
Georgian Hot Tubs Jerry McCarthy
Georgian Hot Tubs Anthony Mitts
Georgian Hot Tubs Steven Sidsworth
Georgian Hot Tubs Cory Simms
Georgian Hot Tubs Teddy Sitarz
Georgian Hot Tubs Doug Smith
Georgian Hot Tubs Colin Underhill
Georgian Hot Tubs TBD
Lockeroom Ryan Bird
Lockeroom Mark Froats
Lockeroom Harrison Kane
Lockeroom Harald Ois
Lockeroom Brad Reid
Lockeroom Jeremy Rilett
Lockeroom Gerry Sewell
Lockeroom Daniel Sluzar
Lockeroom Mark Sluzar
Lockeroom Brent Stockford
Lockeroom Michael Turpin
Lockeroom Jordan Ungerman
Lockeroom Anthony Ussher
Lockeroom Graham Welsh
Lockeroom Shayne Young
RBC Kyle Brooks
RBC Robert Brownrigg
RBC Scott Christie
RBC Steve Conforti
RBC Rocco DiVito
RBC Ed Greenwood
RBC Ryan Johnson
RBC Attila Kovacs
RBC Doug Leach
RBC John Longhurst
RBC Kevin McCarthy
RBC Adam Promoli
RBC Russell Pysklywec
RBC Mike Ryan
RBC Mike White
Sybran Sam Bertucci
Sybran Brian Chislett
Sybran Joseph Collins
Sybran Daniel Giansante
Sybran Bryan Goruk
Sybran Ryan Green
Sybran Brett Hopcraft
Sybran Michael King
Sybran Eric (Chucky) McDonald
Sybran Simon McKay
Sybran Michael Robertson
Sybran Jory Spencer
Sybran Steve Spicer
Sybran Freeman Sweazey
Sybran Donovan White