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Happy 1st Birthday Isabella Robinson

Happy 1st Birthday Isabella!
One year ago today, while vacationing in Switzerland, Isabella was born several weeks premature. Isabella spent her first 55 days in Nicu USZ hospital Zurich and then was transferred to Sick Kids Hospital where she was in hospital for 302 days. Being premature, Isabella has faced many obstacles. She has undergone a couple surgerys, had covid, rhinovirus a couple of times, as well as norovirus.

It has been a long journey for her and her parents. She finally came home on February 21st just in time for her birthday on March 1, 2024! David and his wife have been trained to administer her IV and medications so that she could come home. The doctors felt she was ready to come home but still requires TPN and oxygen but hopefully only for a few more months.
David and his wife would like to thank everyone again for the support they received last year for their trying times in Switzerland and back home.
isabella robinson 030124 with dad scaled e1709364327111
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