Round Robin Playoff Format for 2022/23

For the 2022/23 Season, the playoff format is as follows:

  1. The playoff is Round-Robin format starting March 2, 2023 and ending April 1, 2023. The final day, April 1, will be a combination of the 7th Round Robin playoff game and the 2 championship Finals.
  2. Each team will play each other ONCE in the Round Robin Playoffs.
  3. Games will be 50 minutes long and can end in a Win or Tie.
  4. After the last Round Robin Playoff Game on April 1, 2023, the standings will be tallied and the teams will be seeded.
  5. The Team’s record in the Round Robin Playoff will be used to determine the seeding. Tie breakers will be (in order of importance) – a) Head to Head b) Team with the Most wins c) Team with the Lowest GAA d) Team with the Least Penalty minutes e) Team with the best Plus Minus and f) Team with the most Goals scored.
  6. The 1st and 2nd place seeded teams of the Round Robin playoff will face off in the A Championship
  7. The 3rd and 4th place seeded teams of the Round Robin playoff will face off in the B Championship.
  8. The “A” and “B” Finals will be 50 minutes in length. Stop time will be at the 1:00 mark of the 1st period and at the 5:00 mark of the 2nd period. ONLY in the “A” Final or “B” Final it will be allowed where each team will get one timeout and can only be called by their captain (or if absent, his designate). If at the end of the 50-minute game for the “A” Final or “B” Final, the game is tied, there will be a five (5) minute stop-time sudden-death overtime. If the game is still tied after the overtime, then a 3-player shootout will happen. Each captain is to give the timekeeper the 3 shooters before the game starts. If still tied, a sudden-death shootout format will start. No player can shoot more than once in a shootout.

Good luck to all teams.

The Commish